On this catwalk I will fight “Fast Fashion” and all of its implications.
I imagined a ZOMBIE ISLAND as the last macabre attraction that attracts all the influencers that can’t miss the new trend to post on social media, even if they risk death.
I took advantage of the theme to finally show off my culture in the horror movies, which I developed since I was very young at BLOCKBUSTER. References to 70’s silhouettes and color palettes from SUSPIRIA by Dario Argento, Fabrics and coated materials, destroyed and “slimy” from Romero’s “the night of the living dead”, to the 90s pop with the blonde who always dies first, from “scream”,the muse: Rose Mcgovan in mini skirt, tight top and acid green everywhere.
The monsters who will parade during my show are the most famous trends of all time, leopard, pvc, Spongebob, shiny objects, paillettes, Kimono textures, stripes, my evergreen graffiti from the street, destructured knitwear and the word of the moment “NO BUDGET” with the attempt to make them become pieces that remain over time, that you still want to wear, after 3 years in the closet. Therefore, they must have character, they must be opposed to the tendencies of the moment.
I hate the words “glamour”, “trendy”, “chic”, I think they are belittling in describing what a designer DOES in creating a collection. I’d prefer if people considered my collections horrendous, terrifying, that would mean that I really expressed an emotion. I don’t care which one.